I have ubuntu studio 64, latest version, and it totally locks up for some reason.
It was doing it about 4 times a day last week, changed a few things, seemed better, ran day and night for three straight and then it came back.

Seemingly random, watching video, recording a track, just idling, transferring a file, it's happened on all of them, but yet I can also do those alot at other times and it's fine!

Not sure where to go and could do with some expert advice here if you don't mind.

Changing kernels seemed to help, I ran a memory check and it came up with lots of errors for some reason, I cleaned the slots, made sure they were seated, and still have the errors, but it worked flawlessly under windows xp for like 5 years up until about 6 months ago when I switched to zorin 6, and it worked flawlessly under that for 5, so any ideas what the problem could be?

I've sort of put the memory errors to the back of the line, surely it would freeze all the time if the memory was causing the issue? Or am I mistaken there?

The last three days, recorded about 200 takes, listened to 200 mp3s, watched 100 videos, browsed the net, used gparted to add more hard drives, transferred thousands of files, then today it froze when transferring 6 files, cannot reisub, and as soon as it started after a hard reset, mounted a drive, did it again.