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Thread: Jackal 1U & Juju MaaS

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    Question Jackal 1U & Juju MaaS

    I am proposing to my company a small Juju/MaaS/Openstack private cloud environment with the option to expand it later. According to this documentation, the minimum required number of "machines" is 6 if using juju-jitsu. Is this number inclusive for the entire juju/MaaS/Openstack environment?

    So would 6 Jackal 1U's be sufficient for a small private cloud?

    Also, we have an IS5K SAN (fibre channel). Would we need fibre channel cards for all the Jackal's (the Jackal only has 1 expansion slot that is consumed by the LSC card ... seems like that might be a problem)?

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    Re: Jackal 1U & Juju MaaS

    6 Jackals would work great for a small private cloud.

    As for Fibre channel, you could go with the Jackal Pro, which offers an additional expansion slot over the standard Jackal.
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