inspiron 7520: bios a09 intel i7 3612qm 1920x1080 samsung panel 8gb ram amd radeon 7730m ( muxless switching px 5 enduro )

Im tried Ubuntu 12.04 and 12.10 . I can disable radeon from vgaswitcheroo ( good for battery consumption) . I cant use radeon with switcheroo ( echo DDIS > ....... ). When i select radeon and logout and try login again ( restart X ) vga switheroo client refused. Bu its not my real problem.

Best fglrx drivers lastest beta offical amd fglrx drivers. When i installed fglrx (sudo sh ) its working. i can get 3800 score from glxgears and offical amd fglrx can run over intel/amd muxless switching. nvidia cant do this only over bumbleebee and performance more broken.

problem is when i select intel internal gpu from amd control center its not working. i select it and doing restart. system locking at start x. i cant go command prompt from there. i starting from other linux with usb. i'm deleting xorg.conf file and ubuntu start with normal hd graphics. if i install amdconfig --initial -f fglrx start normally.

extra not: fglrx cant do opengl vsync.

what is the solutions ? using legacy driver from switheero. and using hd graphics from amd fglrx control panel setting.