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Thread: Addind HDD

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    Re: Addind HDD

    Quote Originally Posted by darkod View Post
    If FlexRAID only "assembles" the mount points, it might be. Otherwise the linux filesystem permisions will block other users from having write permisions.
    Am I not the only user? root=super user (me)=admin

    Quote Originally Posted by darkod View Post
    If the disks were to be used as plain data disks, you can define in the fstab who the owner/group of the mounted partition is. Look in the man page for the owner and group options. This will also works for volumes mounted from NFS,
    I looked at the fstab options. Is it what you're talking about?

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    Re: Addind HDD

    Well, the first user has sudo right by default. But when you asked if you chould run chmod 777 to make it available to all users, I assumed you will create more later.

    Additional users don't have sudo rights by default and it's usually better not to have them. So, if you want other users accessing those folders, you need to give them rights.
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