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Thread: Line6 TonePort UX2 issues

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    Line6 TonePort UX2 issues

    Hey guys,

    I'm having a few problems getting my Line6 TonePort UX2 up and running with Ubuntu. I was wondering if anyone else here has had similar experiences, since the device is pretty old.

    1. Every other time I boot up, one of the CLIP lights come on randomly.

    2. The input from the Instrument(normal) is always active and coming out of my right speaker, though it is very distorted and strange sounding.

    3. I'm not able to get any other inputs working besides the Instrument input, and it seems like Ubuntu recognizes it as a 1x In, 1x Out type of interface, when in reality there are 6 inputs.

    Any help would be appreciated. If you need me to take any debugging steps or need more info, please let me know

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    Re: Line6 TonePort UX2 issues

    Same issue here... have you found the fix?


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