Ok, I'm sorry for compiling all of them into one section but it seems so much more efficient to do it this way. Here is what I'm having problems with (keep in mind I'm relatively newbish):

1. My wireless internet keeps dropping. It stays connected (so it says) but actual internet functionality goes out the window. After a while it asks for my network password. Upon entering it, it does nothing. The only fix is to unplug my adapter and plug it back in. I've tried downloading the drivers converted the .tgz with alien, trying to install and also tried following instructions from users here who have had the same problem installing drivers for it but I have not been able to successfully install them. The adapter is an ASUS N-13 USB.

2. For the life of me I cannot get my graphics drivers to install. The computer works (kinda) I can see the screen but every now and then the text "blurs" out and pictures also. Very weird. I have also downloaded the .run file and have not been able to install sucessfully. Maybe I don't have the right one. I don't know. It says it has to install as root and then disappears forever. The card is an Nvidia Geforce GTX 550 ti by EVGA if that matters.

3. And lastly the computer is SLOW. Ungodly slow. It shouldn't be considering I have an i5 with 8gigs of RAM. Not the greatest, I know, but not shabby either. FWIW in comparison Windows is very close to being 10x faster. I have seen Ubuntu in action and know it is not this slow.

I really love Ubuntu and would like to switch to it almost full time. I'm done with Windows and would like to learn something new. However, I've been scouring the internet for 3 days digging through forums and articles trying to fix these problems. You guys are really my last hope for this OS.