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Thread: USB 3.0 PCI Card

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    USB 3.0 PCI Card

    I am looking to purchase a USB 3.0 card for my motherboard. I have read other places of compatibility issues with cards with the VIA Labs chipsets. Is it best to purchase a card with the NEC chipsets? I am looking to purchase a card with internal 20-pin adapter and connect it to front panel USB 3.0 ports in an empty bay.

    Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks.

    My system:
    Ubuntu 12.10
    ASUS P5k deluxe/wifi Mobo (
    Core 2 Duo e6600 2.4 Gzh
    GTX 9800 Graphics
    4GB Memory

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    Re: USB 3.0 PCI Card

    I was looking around and found a few nice ones, but the chipsets seemed flacky even under Windows. NEC chipset had the least features but best reliability. I got the "Silverstone SST-EC01+" PCI-E card and it works flawlessly. The only downside is it has internal 20 pin adapter but no ports on the slot, not a big deal for me since I only have usb3 flash sticks.

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