Hi everyone

something's been bugging me for a while now - but thankfully hasn't happened yet. Let's hope it stays this way some more - fingers crossed.

Anyway, let me first give you my NAS setup:
Ubuntu 12.10 on a single HDD (system drive, that is)
RAID5 setup over 5 HDDs
Of course all data backed up (every now and then) on external drives stored in a safe place.

Now here's my questions:
If anything other than my RAID5 HDDs fails (e.g. the system drive); is it possible to reinstall ubuntu and have the NAS (i.e. the RAID5 array) back up and running with hopefully all data intact (using mdadm which was used to setup the RAID5 in the first place)? Or is it even possible to have some kind of a system image or backup that can be restored to a new system drive and have it work that way? How would I go about doing that?
To carry the thoughts further; would it be possible to (physically) migrate the RAID5 array/HDDs to a new NAS (case and what have you) running ubuntu?

Of course if everything fails I still have my external backups. But it is a huge pain in the a** to restore some 3.5 TB of data through a USB 2.0 connection, I'm sure you'll agree.

Thanx for anyone's feedback.