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Thread: Very Satisfied Customer!!!

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    Very Satisfied Customer!!!

    Just got my Gazp8 a few days ago and could not be more pleased. I thought I would post a Thank You to System76. I have very large music collection and the transfer of it from an external drive with usb 3.0 was super fast. The sound quality of the Gazp8 is fantastic. I have several Headphones and IEMs to choose from and all sound great. One of my favorite so far is Klipsch x10s using Audacious playing FLAC and trying different plugins. I have had so much fun I feel like I have been missing something for a long time. What about movies?, you might ask. Absolutely great as well.

    I intended to move the bulk of my media collection to this laptop and have been more than pleased with the results.

    Great job System76, keep up the good work.

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    Re: Very Satisfied Customer!!!

    We're glad you like it! Enjoy your new system!
    Ian Santopietro - System76 Technical Support.
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