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Thread: What Port/s does Flash Player use?

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    What Port/s does Flash Player use?

    hi everyone,

    i have been having issues with flashplayer on windows for a few weeks now and i need to watch a live stream today, but after switching to my linux OS, i just realised that UFW is preventing me from viewing it. i was just wondering if anyone could tell me the ports that flash uses so i can add the rules to UFW in linux.

    thanks for your time
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    Re: What Port/s does Flash Player use?

    The default setting in UFW allows all connections unless you have created a rule and in that case you would know what rules you have created and which to change .The following page includes some basic UFW commands which are still applicable.
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    Re: What Port/s does Flash Player use?

    interesting, I have never had any issues with ufw and flash. have you ran netstat to list the ports while running whatever flash sites you are having issues with?


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