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Thread: Installing Raid 5(?). Storage drives. Software?!

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    Installing Raid 5(?). Storage drives. Software?!

    Best forum I could find for this.

    Ubuntu 12.04

    I can't find any instruction to do this properly. How do you simply make a set of raids while in the OS, with software or otherwise, so you can mount them and use them for storage. All instructions are making them for installations, and to boot their instructions are all incorrect as to what options are available when you partition and I can't figure out how to do it. I'm assuming software raid because I want what is most versatile to switch between installs and or hardware. Is there an easy way so I can switch it bewteen any upgrades in ubuntu relativlely easily. I'm planning on keeping to 12.04 currently. I"m using it currently to play DDO. Also for game storage for games I might try to get to work. I have a 90GB agility 3 SSD for my main install. One big partition currently but my windows virtualbox and wndows games are filling it up till I can get it up to get them off the main drive.(I just deleted windows entirely)

    I have 3 250gig drives I want to make a raid 5 out of. Also is there a better raid for this circumstance?

    One is a ST3250310AS(32mb?) drive I was thinking to make the parity disk if you can. The other two are WDC WD2500JD-00FYB0(16mb?). Is that a good way to do it. I was also looking to find which way to set them up. I"m not sure if there is a difference in their ability becuase of the differing ram on the drives. What would be most optimal.
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