I am using Evolution for my email client and after upgrading Ubuntu several upgrades ago, my contacts began appearing/disappearing. Most of the time I need to check or uncheck Personal from my contacts list in order to see my contacts. However, some times I can just type in the email address and the name fills in, but that does not always work.

So far, I've been putting up with it. However, I just reformatted my computer and installed Ubuntu 12.10 and I'd like to get this fixed once and for all.

To view my contacts I must to go to Preferences > Contacts> and then either check or uncheck "Personal" from the "On this Computer" selection. As I mentioned, that works for a few emails, but then I need to check or uncheck the box again.

I deleted "one" contact and readded it to see if that worked. It didn't. Would I need to delete every contact and readd all of them to fix this problem?

Can anyone provide help for this issue?