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Thread: Anyone here use the official Suse 10.1

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    Anyone here use the official Suse 10.1

    I'm not talking about the open suse version but the bought version with the pretty manual and all that. I am looking at it and it looks like it could be a good buy for my fiance (who would need the boxed set and the manual) plus it comes with all the security software like Apparmor and such.

    (also if anyone knows where a VM appliance of this version is let me know, I want to VM it and see for myself if it's worth using)...
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    Re: Anyone here use the official Suse 10.1

    SuSE is a good distro, but before you buy the 10.1 version look around the SuSE forums and the general ones. There is one huge nearly show-stopping bug in the new Zen-updater software, such that it crashes or gives you non-existent dependency hell when it tries to download and install updates. A bug-fix has long been available, but if you try to install it with Zen.... you get my drift. You can, of course, use YaST or the command line, but a newcomer wouldn't know that.

    There are several other issues such that many SuSE users are sticking with 10.0 and waiting for 10.2, or have come over to Ubuntu. - myself included.

    All you get with the retail version are properly pressed disks, a pretty manual and 90-days support. Limited support - read the small print. As far as I know there's no difference between the 32-bit package set between the retail version and the opensuse version so long as you download the addons CD (contains some proprietary stuff).


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