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Thread: Laptop freezing

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    Laptop freezing

    I'm having trouble with linux freezing on my laptop. I have install ubuntu with windows along side each other. When ever I load windows and leave it running for over 24 hours it seems to come out fine. However when ever I load a linux, generally tested several distro, it freezes after hours or minutes sometimes. I don't know what caused it and I didn't exactly notice this happening when I had other distro installed previsously. Till recently it started to happen. I've checked my logs (logs in var, xsession, and etc) it don't seem anything obvious to me. I notice some stuff like

    Aug 13 22:20:11 kernel: [    7.814537] EXT4-fs (sda5): re-mounted. Opts: errors=remount-ro
    Aug 13 22:20:11  kernel: [    7.969641] lp: driver loaded but no devices found
    Aug 13 22:20:11  kernel: [    8.092885] [drm] Initialized drm 1.1.0 20060810
    Aug 13 22:20:11  kernel: [    8.185723] ACPI Warning: 0x0000000000001028-0x000000000000102f SystemIO conflicts with Region \PMIO 1     (20121018/utaddress-251)
    but I don't exactly know what it means. Most likely something important .

    I need help troubleshooting the problem. Thanks ahead if anyone can suggest something.
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    Re: Laptop freezing

    I have a question does PulseAudio have any known issues to cause conflict with videos or even wilder accusation, to cause computers to completely freeze?


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