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Thread: Ubuntu 12.10 Cinnamon vs Mint 14 Cinnamon

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    Ubuntu 12.10 Cinnamon vs Mint 14 Cinnamon

    I'm switching from a Mac to Linux and am still in doubt as to which flavour I'm going to be using.
    Ubuntu seemed like the obvious choice but after trying out several distros (many of which Ubuntu based) I decided that Mint Cinnamon was going to be it.
    Until I found out you can install the Cinnamon desktop on ubuntu. Which I tried.
    Hmm. It looks equally nice as it does on Mint but still, I've got the impression it runs just that tiny bit better on Mint (i.e. more fluid - and I tend to ditch something at the first sign of even the slightest hint of 'jerkyness').

    Ubuntu would seem like the logical step when coming from a Mac : it's the most popular distro out there and the Unity interface in some ways is very similar to OS X. But, I have to say, I 'dislike' Unity with a passion (not going to use the word 'hate', seems a bit too strong - it was OK I guess in 12.04, terribly slow in 12.10). Mint Cinnamon touched me right away (although I'm currently trying out OpenSuse 12.3 KDE and I must say, it's slowly starting to win me over).

    Anyway, Cinnamon is my desktop environment of choice, but is there a reason why I should just choose Ubuntu with Cinnamon instead of going for Mint, which shares practically everything with Ubuntu anyway ? Am I right in thinking that Ubuntu will always be the first distro to support new stuff (like was the case with Steam) ? Or will everything Ubuntu just work in Mint ?
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