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Thread: Robotics programing on ubuntu Lego Nxt's

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    Post Robotics programing on ubuntu Lego Nxt's

    TPR is a robotics team for robocup junior soccer.
    If you don't know, RCJ is a version of robocup for primary and secondary school students. Our team is currently in year 11 (15-16 years of age) and we have just qualified into the worlds that are taking place in the neverlands later this year.

    Why am I writing this.

    The main reason is because of the lack if robotics programs that are based for people in education for linux. We are currently using NXT's, a brick made by lego for picture based programing using a "language" called NXT-G. This however is only made for windows and mac computers.

    The language we like to use is called NXC. The main IDE for this is only for windows. The wine driver support is also abit strange aswell. As a result, we are having to write our program in gedit or some other text editor (because we are all linux/unix freaks) copy it on to a pen drive, and then put it onto laptop that we have from our school (with windows on) and then compile it their)

    What is the problem? They is not enought educational programs for robotics avalabe ubuntu for educational uses.

    (Ok the arduino ide is brillient and yes we do use it but we are also lectureing people younger than us how to program - we don't want to teach them a language that they will only look at, get a headache (because they are little) and then start crying)

    We want a language that is picture based for linux for using with robots Like the NXT. We also want a language that more advanced users can use (maybe nxc?)

    Rant over

    Part of TPR (the peoples robot) robotics team
    (Also we need sponsores if we are going to the worlds... Pm me if you are intrested)

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    Re: Robotics programing on ubuntu Lego Nxt's

    There is a c++ driver for NXT
    presumably you could use this and avoid having to use wine or windows.

    Admittedly you'd lose the nice graphical IDE but then again you said you were using gedit for the main bulk.
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