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Thread: Problem during DNS server setup on local network.

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    Problem during DNS server setup on local network.

    Hi Folks,

    I have a small local network , with few desktops and one server . The server machine has UBUNTU 12.04 server 64 bit installed on it. Some of the desktops are windows , one is Mac and others are ubuntu . What I am trying to accomplish is to create a local DNS server for my network and DNS server would be present on the server machine. My internet connection is DSL Broadband connection , though it generates IP's with DHCP , I have given static IP to all the machines present in my network.

    I followed this link for setting up the DNS server. I am attaching the concerned files which I modified or created ( I have added extra .txt at the end of them for attachment issues ). After following up all the instructions to best of my knowledge , at the end when I type following command

    >> host -l

    I get the following output

    ; Transfer failed.
    Host not found: 9(NOTAUTH)
    ; Transfer failed.

    where is the local domain-name I have chosen.

    So what am I doing wrong here?....

    Please let me know if you need anymore information.

    Avanindra Singh
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