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Thread: Wacom intuos5 tablet. Some issues

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    Wacom intuos5 tablet. Some issues

    It worked out of the box, most of it. I do not remember, how But I did manage to get pressure sensitivity in gimp. I could use a refresher on how I need to do that again.

    The problems I am having is setting the multi-use buttons on it. 6 buttons, 1 wheel with 4 settings. I want to set them up for certain uses. such as the wheel being able to do brush size. zoom. rotation of canvas. layer switching. [s how do I do that?

    Also I'm not sure (have not really tested) but this tablet has angle detection as well and I do not see that happening either(not as important at moment).

    Edit: so I found the settings the map buttons on my tablet. but what is the key settings for brush, zoom, rotation, layer switching, in gimp?

    Edit 2. So Ive been playing around with key mapping in gimp and tablet to get these to work. but it seems none of them are taking. not one is working? not even the button to switch ring modes is. The pen and eraser is about all that is working
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