Background Info: I have a late 2010 Mac Book Pro. I used Refit to triple boot with Snow Leopard, Windows 7, and Ubuntu 12.10. My default OS in the refit.conf file is Windows 7.

Problem: Initially my default OS in Refit was Linux. Refit was booting me up in Ubuntu when I chose Windows (and when I chose Ubuntu), but the Mac OS was still booting up just fine. I hoped to fix things by changing the default OS in Refit from Linux to Windows, but this was definitely the wrong move. I am now stuck in Ubuntu 12.10. The refit menu no longer appears, and the only OS that will boot from the grub menu is Ubuntu. The other OS's are being recognized (they appear in the grub menu), but when I select them the computer freezes up almost instantly. Once when I selected windows a screen popped up telling me to restart from the installation disk, but that does not seem to be possible because my mbp is booting Ubuntu right off the bat.