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Thread: Window software "no valid title found"

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    Window software "no valid title found"

    I am learning Ubuntu on an older Dell notebook (that used to run XP Pro), and everything runs well except a Windows program in Wine that converts DVDs to MP4s and is vastly better than anything I've found that's native to Linux. Unfortunately, it apparently can't use libdvdcss when reading DVDs. I've tried Handbrake, but its GUI is a long way from this one in terms of usability.

    No amount of searching has uncovered an answer or even things to try...until today.

    I was able to find a workaround by discovering how to get DVD D******r to see the DVD drive and rip the files to hard drive, at which point the application noted above can access them and convert to MP4. It has video previewing and allows individual files to be renamed prior to conversion, features that prove invaluable when processing DVD content.
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