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But I need to ask why you are so negative to fake-PAE. Maybe you have some bad experience of it. In that case, please let us know the details!
I'm sorry if I came across as negative to fake-PAE, it's not my intention. I realise fake-PAE is there to try and fill the gap left with no no-pae kernels available any more. fake-pae is a 'fix' for something that should never have been broken in the first place. It's a case of treating the symptoms and not the cause.

fake-pae is not that simple for someone new to linux, most people will pop in a ubuntu cd, it won't work and they wont bother any further. There was no need to drop the non-pae kernels as far as I'm concerned, it just created more hassle for 'certain' people

My issue is not with you or fake-PAE, it's with the dropping of the non-pae kernels and creating this issue. Sorry if it came across as directed at fake-pae, I assure it was not my intention. You guys tried to create a fix for the situation for which you should be commended but I don't think it's an ideal solution and that is not your fault.