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    /boot Partition

    Just a quick question what would you recommend the size of a /boot partition to be?

    Currently on my ma's computer it is 190mb which seems incredibly stupid to me, but I also don't like separate partitions (I'd rather have all my files in one partition just for the ease) so I'm at a loss. The guy who installed Ubuntu on her computer is the one who did the partitioning (I would of installed it but ever Ubuntu based OS hates me and never works) but I have no Idea what he was thinking as my ma uses it for internet and a church program. I know there is a way to extend the partition if need be with a live cd (which I will need to get if you think 190mb is to small for a /boot partition) and reading the way to do it seems simple enough (it was also a excellently written guide here which I hope is still valid ).

    Ok enough rambling...thanks in advance
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