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Thread: Graphic errors & a few questions.

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    Question Graphic errors & a few questions.


    I am a newer ubuntu user and I am having some issues with Ubuntu 12.10

    the main reason I am posting here is Whenever I hit the dash home button, the screen turns black and white (kinda like channels will do in a rain storm when you have dish), then the screen goes to the correct skin but its all distorted sometimes completely scrambling words and turning the upper taskbar yellow and scrambling all my icons.

    I have tried a few of the drivers available in the software sources and I always get the same issue.
    the GPU on this computer is

    Nvidia c51g [geforce 6100] rev. A2

    now I have also been recommended simply switching to the KDE GUI,

    computer specs

    MOBO - Asus k8n-vm
    CPU - Amd Sempron 3000+
    and 686mb of ram

    on another graphic issue, right now i cannot seem to adjust my display dimensions off of 600x400 which ends up making my icons and windows HUGE on my screen.

    Quick little edit: with my screen showing in the 600x400 i am not having any of the dash home issues.

    My last issue that isn't really a big deal, im having issues getting Firefox to show certain webpages correctly. I do believe I have the correct Java and Flash players install. webpages like Youtube load and work perfectly, but for example if i go to Facebook the page is nothing but the links similar to web 2.0 mobile version.

    Thank you very much for any all help.
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