Hello Ubuntu Community,

This is Cmiller, and I have a few questions. Someone recently suggested I open a terminal and type in this command: sudo apt-get update && install ubuntu-restricted-extras. And I did just that, correctly.

Okay so here are my questions:

1.) What does "sudo" and "apt-get" mean.

2.) When I enter this command in my terminal, what exactly telling my computer to do?

3.) What's "ubuntu-restricted-extras?"

4.) After I entered the command I get messages like, "Ign" and "Hit" <link>. What do those mean? "Ign" and "Hit"

Also I am have a quaint problem with what to do next. At the very end of it all, I received the following message in the terminal:

install: missing destination file operand after `ubuntu-restricted-extras'

What does that mean? And what went wrong? Can someone explain all this to me? What do I so I can successfully complete this task.

Kind Regards,