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Thread: Backtrack live cd or external HDD

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    Backtrack live cd or external HDD

    im using windows and want to install backtrack but my notebook hardware doesnt support virtualization. so i cant use virtualbox or etc.

    i ll buy a usb flash drive or an external harddisk for that.

    firstly i dont want a dual boot and wont use backtrack too much time, but ill do updates.

    can i get updates or install programs on live cd(usb) option?

    if not and i must buy a hdd;
    hdd storage will be too much for BT, huge part will be storage for using on windows.
    which partitions i should make before installation and how much?
    can i install backtrack from windows to external hdd or i have to make a install cd? external harddisk partition like a live cd can work for that?
    should i disable internal hdd when using this option?
    installing on an external hdd will make system dual boot and when didnt pluged in my hdd it ll be as usual? this option will be a usb boot or hdd boot on bios?
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