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Thread: Dedicated graphics in a 15" model?

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    Dedicated graphics in a 15" model?

    What would it take to get that nvidia option for one of the non-17" models? I seriously don't want to lug one of those around.

    I'm guessing the chassis isn't big enough? The thing is, I got the Lemur about a year ago and couldn't do ANYTHING graphics intensive. It was horrendous. I ended up giving the laptop to my parents. Now I REQUIRE dedicated gpu in my next mobile device.

    Personally I think the 17" form factor for a laptop is insane. I want something smaller so it's more mobile and then I can just plug it into a monitor when I'm at home if I want a bigger screen.

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    Re: Dedicated graphics in a 15" model?

    While smaller length- and width-wise, the 15-inch, dedicated-graphics laptops we used to offer weren't really that much more portable than the 17 inch size is. They're still about as thick, and about as heavy.
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