I'm trying to setup a dual boot of Kubuntu and Windows 8 in a new HP Envy m4.

Current BIOS settings:
Legacy mode Disabled
Secure Boot Disabled

What did I do:
Enabling secure boot doesn't start the Ubuntu/Kubuntu LiveDVD, so I disabled Secure Boot, started Kubuntu (12.10) and installed it with the recommended partition option (it installed in EFI mode as far as I can tell).
Rebooted into Linux Secure Remix LiveDVD and ran Boot-Repair.
Rebooted and I'm presented with Grub with a bunch of options, Kubuntu starts fine. However, none of the Windows entries can boot Windows 8. Some of them start a Windows/HP "automatic system recovery" with some recovery options. None of them work. I even tried options like "Restore full system to factory defaults" or something like that but it fails saying a needed partition is missing. None of the options has affected Grub/Kubuntu, so it still starts fine. Other Windows entries in Grub try to start Windows, but it stays with a "loading" spinner forever.

If I enable Secure Boot, Grub doesn't even load and an error of "The system failed to authenticate itself" is shown, and the laptop shutdows itself.

I ran more than once Boot-Repair, but with the same effects.

Here is the Boot-Repair log: