On Windows, I like to scroll with the middle mouse button and the trackpoint. This does not work under ubuntu 12.04 LTS. I installed gpointing-device-settings, however, it does not recognize the trackpoint, there is only a "PS/2 Generic Mouse". After every start, I have to go through the following procedure to make it work (translation from German possibly incorrect):

1. uncheck emulate mouse wheel, save and close
2. check emulate mouse wheel, choose key other than 2, save and close
3. select key 2, save and close.

this is really annoying, and I would like to get this fixed permanently. Many others had the same problem, however, in the discussions, they say that the problem has been fixed in 12.04 lts, but for me it is not.

Here is someone who has the same problem: http://askubuntu.com/questions/18981...scroll-anymore
He was referred to a bug and the discussion was closed. However, the bug is also closed. So, the problem remains.

ThinkWiki did not help me either, they claim that everything has been fixed in 12.04 LTS. Their fixes for older distributions don't seem to work for me.