After getting fed up with Windows and switching to Xubuntu, I loved it, instead of being paranoid about viruses and malware, waiting for Defraggler to finishing defragging my Windows system, waiting for Windows to shutdown, it takes one minute, I can now enjoy my computer and the internet without worries, no bloatware, no viruses, no fragmenting, faster start-ups and shutdown, shutting down only takes a few seconds, I can honestly say, switching to Xubuntu was the best decision I ever made. The only thing that I'm scared of touching is the Terminal, don't get me wrong, I used it a few times, like installing and fixing a problem with Avast! Antivirus, turning on UFW firewall, but I'm still afraid of using it, I'm a novice computer user, I try to avoid using it as much as possible, I use Terminal as a last resort, I'm scared of playing around with it because I might damage my system, especially when using the sudo commands.