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Thread: Over heating laptop

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    Over heating laptop

    I recently dual booted my laptop with win 7 ultimate and ubuntu 12.04. i noticed it started to over heat on me for unknown reason really it had been working fine with just windows and after a few weeks i notice that when once i chose to boot to ubuntu the fan stops working and i really can't spend more than 5-10min in ubuntu before i have to shut it down and let it cool off I'm using an Acer Aspire 7720. Any ideas on how to verify if its the fan itself taking a poop or if i'm suppose to install a driver for the fan or something

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    Re: Over heating laptop

    To ge the status/information for your fans, lm_sensors should do the trick.

    Since this looks to only be occurring only on the Ubuntu install, I would start looking at the logs/modules you have installed to get further insight.

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    Re: Over heating laptop

    You could try using Jupiter:

    There are no drivers for fans.
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