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Thread: Games not working

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    I have an acer aspire zg5 installed ubuntu 12.04.
    I have already installed wine and downloaded a few windows programs but i had just downloaded nfs underground2, when i open the nfs screen appears and all i can hear is the sound but the screen doesnt move, have to reboot.
    I read that by installing graphics driver my proble can be solved.
    if so please tel me where i can find a graphics driver for my laptop.

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    Re: Games not working

    The acer aspire zg5 is comming up in search as a netbook. The graphics are Intel intergrated. If that is true, you already have the best graphics drivers installed by default. Why are you gaming on a netbook?

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    Re: Games not working

    Have you tried running the game in windowed mode first?

    It's always best to run Wine in windowed-mode with whatever application/game you are running for the first time. This way, if it crashes or hangs you can simply close the window. I'm assuming you have Wine installed via the USC. In Ubuntu's Dash, if you search "Wine", you should be able to see Configure Wine. Under the Graphics tab, tick Emulate a Virtual Desktop.

    Now try running NFS Underground 2 again. Is it still just a black screen? If so, run the game using Wine via a Terminal. This may shed some light on any errors or problems the game is experiencing.

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    Re: Games not working

    Does anyone know any videos showing how to download and install everything for nfs. Im new to Ubuntu and its a bit complicated. I already have wine installed.

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    Re: Games not working

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that game will probably never run on that computer, possibly even under Windows. If you happen to have Windows installed, you may want to test it there first.

    In addition, many games that run fine under Windows (or at least tolerably) don't do quite so well under Wine.

    ETA: My post was directed at LordChirag.
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