Working with a Toshiba satelite. Has AMD Turion(tm) II Dual-Core Mobile M500 for its CPU.

Recently acquired the book Ubuntu Unleashed and it came with an install disk for Ubuntu 12.10, I wanted to try this on one of the machines I have laying around. Went through the process, and it installed Ubuntu on the Toshiba, eliminating windows in the process, unfortunately now when I start it up it goes to the GNU GRUB menu. This gives me the options Ubuntu, Advanced options for Ubuntu, as well as two memory tests. So, being the new user that I am, the obvious choice is Ubuntu. Select that and I get a black screen with a flashing _ symbol. if I let this sit for awhile i will eventualy receive
[ 7.808320] sp5100_tco: mmio address 0xfec000f0 already in use

My question here is how would I go about correcting this issue?