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Thread: Chosen background now used in greeter

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    Chosen background now used in greeter

    Just noticed my chosen desktop background is now used by the greeter,
    and the transition from greeter to desktop is very smooth.
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    Re: Chosen background now used in greeter

    that was fixed about a week ago though it might not automatically take on an older install, see blue -
    nautilus (1:3.6.3-0ubuntu11) raring; urgency=low

    * debian/patches/10_sync_background_to_accountsservice.patch:
    - write the background image to accountsservice when it changes,
    gnome-settings-daemon was doing that but we stopped using that plugin
    to avoid duplication so we need to do it here

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    Lightbulb Re: Chosen background now used in greeter

    yes and you can also choose any background image you have. and now i can use ubuntu tweak to set the greeter background image of my choice. never worked for me in 12.10.


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