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Thread: Lexmark 1185 driver

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    Lexmark 1185 driver

    I have a Lexmark 1185 all in one printer. Granted it is YEARS old it still worked well with Windows OP's. I recently installed Linux Mint which I love but can't seem to get the printer to work. I have downloaded the z600 driver and followed all the steps in several of the self help pages you can find using google. I love how fast this op is and it is so much better then ANY Windows OP's. I want to keep Mint but I need that printer to work so my girl can use it for school. She loves using Mint also. Can anyone find a way for this to happen? I had Ubuntu years ago and used the printer with it then. So I know there has to be a way. I realize I am just not smart enough to figure it out. So someone please help me. The laptop is a Dell Studio 1737. Thanks.
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    Re: Lexmark 1185 driver

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