Running 12.10 amd64. Monitor is a Dell 30" resolution 2560x1600. I just upgraded my video card from an nVidia GTS250 to an nVidia GTX650. Just powered the machine down and swapped the cards. Before swapping the video card, the grub menu occupied the full screen, afterwards it's squashed into about one quarter of the left hand size of the screen - it's only truncated sideways - it still occupies the full 1600 pixel height of the screen. The GUI login screen once I boot into 12.10 is still correct size and resolution, and after login the display is still correct size and resolution.

I've run "sudo update-grub" in terminal, which finds all the operating systems and rewrites grub.cfg, but on reboot after that, the grub menu is still squashed over to the LH side. Any suggestions on how to get it back to full size?