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Thread: Installing Linux Mint Problem

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    Installing Linux Mint Problem

    Hello Guys,

    I know Linux mint is ubuntu based so I wanted to give it a try. I downloaded it to USB and it works perfect while on USB. But I have problems during the installation. It turns out there are 2 options that I care: runing alongside windows and partition.

    I have 3 partitions in my pc. C, D, A
    C, and D, came by defoult in my lenovo since it was given by the university like this. the parititon A was done my me and it has 50Gb of freespace I got for linux XD!!

    So going back to the installation...... If I select installing along side windows, the installer will show me only 50gb avialable as free space.... and ontop of that it asks me to decide bewteen two halfs of that 25gb each.... I dont understand.. but anyway I still cannot select any!!

    So I went to the other option, and here my hard drive partitions appear, I select the 50 gb free(A) and hit install... but my installer says I need a location for my root.. but I cannot select anymore....

    Please help.

    I have the latest version of min in cinnammon desk.

    Alberto Mario Striedinger

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    Re: Installing Linux Mint Problem

    Follow the steps on the partitioning section of the link below :

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    Re: Installing Linux Mint Problem

    Thread moved to Other OS/Distro Talk.

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