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Thread: hello,i need help plz

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    hello,i need help plz

    hi,when i tries to install Ubuntu on windows 8 pro-64bit on separate partition he doesn't work, look at the video link

    plz help

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    Re: hello,i need help plz

    It looks like you're trying to do a Wubi install of Ubuntu with your Windows 8. Looking around, it looks like at this time Wubi is not compatible with UEFI on GPT formatted disks, which is likely what you have there. Here's a link with a similar problem and maybe some more info:

    In order to run Windows and Ubuntu in this case, it looks like you may need to set up a full dual boot by repartitioning your hard drive to accommodate the Ubuntu OS, and setting up a full install of Ubuntu on the second partition. Maybe more effort than you want? If not, post back, though as there are quite a few folks here who are experts at setting such a system up with minimal effort.

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