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Thread: How to mount vhd file

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    How to mount vhd file

    I have files on a vhd that I want to put in a flash drive, but VirtualBox will not recognize the flash drive so I must mount the vhd.

    here is the info of my vhd
    My vhd contains Windows XP
    it is 32GB
    It is .VHD file type

    If I can access the files safely, then please tell me how to do it.
    thanks in advance

    my os is ubuntu 12.10
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    Re: How to mount vhd file

    You could copy them to network storage with your vm. Then download them to anotyer machine.
    Vurtual box has a shared folders option. Allowing you to copy files straight from guest to host.
    I also thought a saw once a program in the ubuntu repository that allowed virtual hard disk files to be mounted as real hard disks (although not sure as ive never used it)
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    Talking Re: How to mount vhd file

    Thanks Ceiber Boy, it worked. You need VirtualBox Guest Additions, which I already have.


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