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Thread: Weird: bad sectors with Windows, no problems with Ubuntu

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    Weird: bad sectors with Windows, no problems with Ubuntu

    Although I primarily use Ubuntu on my systems, I've had Windows installed on one for Flight Simulator X.

    The weird thing is that recently the Windows installations have had problems with bad sectors, eventually to the point where chkdsk can't repair the problem and the OS has to be restored. This occurred first under Vista and then Windows 7, under different installations. I wasn't terribly concerned about data loss due to a failing hard drive because the system was backed up, so I continued to use it.

    Recently I decided to install Ubuntu (with ext4 file system). I've been using it for a few weeks now and have checked the disk for bad sectors using seatools (by now Windows would have had at least some problems) and haven't had a single problem with bad sectors.

    Does anybody know if this could simply be due to the ext4 file system? I'm trying to figure out why Windows would have this problem while Linux doesn't. EDIT: and the problem didn't occur in Windows for quite some time.

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