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Thread: creating music library probs

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    creating music library probs

    I have loaded asunder both from the software center, and in the terminal. In either case I cannot load any music files from my dvd drive to asunder for converting. I can play the cd from the dvd drive just fine.

    Yes, I am looking to make a music library with hundreds of discs. Rhythm Box converts to flac, why does everyone choose the asunder program?

    I have made the huge leap away from MS, and decided to be dependent on Linux. It's time to learn.

    Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS x32

    One more thing, how much ram does the 32 bit allow?
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    Re: creating music library probs

    Ripper X is workig just fine, retrieving cd data.
    Asunder is not functioning? I have the URL and ports configured the same.

    Port; 80

    I would much rather use Asunder, if I can only get it to function.


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