I am not a complete idiot BUT when it comes to Ubuntu and Linux.. the installs and setups are horrid

I have been trying to set up a simple windows share via VMPlayer and there are thousands of solutions, but none of them work
SAMBA is a disaster... server names, path folder name blah blah blah .... after 15-20 years of linux and windows, it should be a simple process.

I have tried over the last year, to understand it, and am more confused now then the day I started. As much as I hate windows, it makes more sense then this STUPID,STUPID,STUPID Linux. Hell, I am old enough, I started out on unix machines and the original DOS.

I WISH the linux communities would get together and find a solution, or it will never become a major player, if I can't figure, no one I know could. And if people can't understand it, they won't use it.

LINUX users are far worse eliters than Apple noobs. I Give up.