Hi guys,

I've recently changed my graphics card to the ASUS nVidia GeForce 210 and I'm having huge problems.

When I first installed the drivers for it, everything c**ked up. as it didn't have that nvidia-xconf thing. Fine, no biggy. So I reinstalled Ubuntu and tried again using a tutorial on the internet. This went OK. and it's now "working".

What isn't working however is that my second monitor is completely the wrong resolution to how it should be. I have a 15" screen at 1024x768 and a 19" HDTV monitor which should be at 1920x1080 but instead it's something like 800x600. Oh and the Displays app also says that the HDTV is 'Unknown'.

I've looked at a few threads and one said it could be the HDMI cable, but I know it isn't because after I read it I tried the cable in both my XBox and my parents laptop and it displayed fine.

Any idea's on what I could do?

A fewe details about my setup:

Ubuntu 12.10 64-bit
ASUS nVidia GeForce 210
Philips 15" Monitor (1024x768)
Technika 19" HDTV (supposed to be 1920x1080 but at the moment 800x600)

Thanks guys.