Hi i run raveskool.com hosted on hosting24 servers, my site and Zen cart were running flawlessly until my hosting provider HOSTING24 decided that my ecommerce files in my downloads folder should be deleted. They said space was not the issue it was against TOC to archive files, I have an exact folder on my site with demo version of the downloads only 3mb each same files same format different size but they never deleted this folder so this was definitely a space issue as shouldn’t this be construed as archiving too as they are same file type and name. Rather than argue witch I did for a few minutes I went online and purchased an Intel server configured an array with hard drives and installed Ubuntu server, followed by Apache webserver SQL and mail server. This took a lot of effort configuring and getting to run smoothly. Which now runs flawlessly on my internal ip address.

Then I spent two days getting Zen cart to install transferring my site updating SQL eventually getting this to run flawlessly on my internal ip address to the new server were my whole website resides now. Now my main site from my server loads with the same speed as my hosting 24 servers,
Except when I click the shop it slows down to unloadable speeds like the pages are far too big for the Web browsers Cash I went to admin turning every setting that I could to off to make speeds quicker which has improved on my internal ip address to server but not the external ip address that you use to reach my servers.
www.raveskool.com Click the red flashing shop here and it will take you to my servers Zen shop not my 24hosting
Some help would be appreciated as I get my business connection and static ip address on 29th of this month and would like to scrap my 24hosting account and point my domain name raveskool.com to my servers so I can host my 24tb of files.
Cheers for looking people and thanks in advance
Kind regards coolvibes@raveskool.com