My partner's small live website (we're happy to post the url, but is that within forum rules? It's not a commercial site) is hosted remotely and was designed and set up professionally (by a relative of a friend). Having moved house and operating systems I'm trying to set up a mirror test site locally on her pc so she can add artwork etc, as she used to do in Windows. I've installed and configured apache2 and php5, but not all the links work locally. There is a range of images, displayed dynamically via various different links on different pages, which won't display, a 404 Not Found page displaying instead. As a stopgap, so my partner can get on, we've installed Windows XP in a VirtualBox and replicated the setup she used before, using XAMPP. This works fully, so is OK, but not ideal. The guy who set up the site says he thinks it may be to do with software versions: he's had the same problem using the current Windows version of XAMPP (1.8.1) with the site but it works fine with the original version (1.7.0). He points out that the versions of Apache and PHP in the current XAMMP package are v2.4.3 and v5.4.7 respectively, while in the older package that works they are v2.2.11 and v5.2.8 respectively. He's not really into linux so isn't able to help much further. I've tried to find those earlier version to install, but have run aground: a) I'm not sure the Win versions correspond to the Linux versions of Apache and PHP; b) I can't find the exact version matches; c) the earlier versions I have found would require installing and configuring from scratch and I'm not yet confident doing that, especially with such complex applications; d) it may be a load of trouble for nothing, as the problem might be resolved much more simply by tweaking some configurations; and e) on principle I prefer not to be reliant on ageing applications. I'd be hugely grateful for any suggestions how I might start troubleshooting the issue?