i have managed to install Java JDK6 via terminal but it wont install icedtea. From the Ubuntu Software Centre, when i try to install the icedtea plugin i get the error message: "Package dependencies cannot be resolved".
In synaptic, it doesn't show any broken packages. I have tried the apt and clean up commands shown in some tutorials but this didn't solve the issue. Ubuntu Software Centre doesn't show that JDK 6 is installed, but i have some programs that require JAVA and that run such as VUZE. I use Ubuntu 10.04 LTS on an intel core i5 and with an ASUS GT620 graphic card, 8 GB Ram and ASUS mainboard. Not to be part of this thread but it was sort of impossible to get 12.04 LTS working, the only thing that i managed to get installed is on my old cd the 10.04 LTS version where i have run the updates. I also tried to update upto 12.04 LTS which didn't work and maybe messed up things ? Hope you can help.

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