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Thread: Epson XP-205 network installation

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    Epson XP-205 network installation

    Hey there!

    I've googled a lot and there is a lot of discussion about this problem but I found no answer to my printer specifically. Hope it isn't answer somewhere.
    I bought a Epson Expression Home XP-205 (207 Series) and I'd like to use it under Ubuntu 12.10.

    I managed to install the drivers (data package&core package,generic driver and full features) provided by epson on their website with no problem but there is no network plugin package, consequently I can't find my printer on the network. Going to the router page I can't find the host ip address, so I can't manually find it. Everything went alright on Windows 7 with the CD and it works through the network.

    I even tried to install a "network plugin package" for another epson machine to see if by change it would work but no luck.

    So here I am asking for help. Anything would be largely appreciated.


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    Re: Epson XP-205 network installation

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    Re: Epson XP-205 network installation


    Thanks for the answer.

    I couldn't find my printer under the router setup page because strangely enough it appeared as an android device. when I found this out and set that device as a printer on the router setup page, ubuntu managed to locate it with no problems. lol

    Problem Solved

    Thanks once again


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