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Thread: Audio Output problems on Skype

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    Audio Output problems on Skype

    Just switched to Ubuntu 12.10 recently from Windows. I have the basic knowledge for Ubuntu but as terms of knowledge im a full fledge begginer to this OS. Recently I installed Skype but I am having troubles with the audio. My webcam audio works fine the other person can hear me loud and clear, but I cant hear them or get any kind of sound from Skype. No system audio when Skype logs me in or a ringtone or from the person I am trying to talk to. My speakers are plugged buy a jack in the integrated sound on my mainboard. Ive tried all the options it gave me but still nothing. Ive browsed around but no luck on solving the issue. Any and all help on any level will be nice.

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    Re: Audio Output problems on Skype

    Does sound work in any other program? If not, check your audio output settings: system settings -> sound. Also make sure it's not muted.
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