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Thread: Make Ubuntu use a minimum of RAM

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    Make Ubuntu use a minimum of RAM


    I've done a few tests about running Adobe AfterEffects / Premiere CS6 in a Windows 7 virtual machine, in Ubuntu. Along with 3DS Max, these are the only software I have problems with (They force me to reboot into Windows..); I've managed to make all the others Adobe products work under Wine, but these are 64-bit and perhaps too complex for Wine (For now). Running them into a virtual machine would also use way too much memory to be usable.

    But I've been wondering about this problem; I have a machine with 8GB of RAM. Assuming I want to avoid rebooting into my real Windows 7 OS, how much can I limit the RAM of Ubuntu, so that I'll be able to allow more RAM to the Windows 7 VM ?
    I'm running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS x64 with Unity (Yes, it use a lot of memory. I want to keep it.). I've tried stopping a few processes, and replacing for a session Compiz by Metacity with this:

    metacity --display:=0 --replace
    It work. Compiz use 80MB of RAM, while Metacity, only 5MB. By stopping a few processes, I've managed to lower the memory used by Ubuntu alone to 11% of 8GB (Well, 7,7). Just wondering, is it safe to disable "Unity-Panel" process ?
    By replacing Compiz by Metacity, I don't have the Unity dash, but I can create an empty folder of the desktop, and launch Linux applications by going to /usr/share/applications, that's ok.

    I've also optimized my Windows 7 VM, and use an excellent software that I've had a great experience with, GameBooster, used to stop system process during gaming/intense activity.

    How can I free more RAM in Ubuntu, so that I can allow more to Windows 7 ? I've now allowed 4,5GB to the VM, but I was at 73% used, I could put some more. 4,5GB is very low to use AfterEffect, even at low display quality.

    Would Lubuntu x64 be more efficient? That's not a so awesome solution, because installing another OS takes up space, and I have a (small) 320GB hard drive, with already 3 OS installed (Ubuntu, Windows 7, and Windows 2000, a small partition, for testing). How much RAM would I benefit by running Lubuntu? Maybe running it off a ISO file (Booted from GRUB) do it? Is it slower (Not from a USB stick. Adding an entry to the ISO from GRUB menu) ? Of course, I should be able to auto-install VirtualBox in the ISO file, not sure how.. :S

    Any availible option? Can I stop more processes to make Ubuntu more "transparent" ?

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