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Thread: modern distro with gnome2?

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    Re: modern distro with gnome2?

    Give Ubuntu a try; the new Unity desktop environment fixes most of the usability flaws in Gnome 2. Highly recommended!

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    Re: modern distro with gnome2?

    Quote Originally Posted by mamamia88 View Post
    Why so eager to stick with the past? Try xubuntu...
    XFCE is 17 years old.

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    Re: modern distro with gnome2?

    That's dosen't matter... XFCE, like all actively developed desktops get updates and new features. So XFCE 4.10 is new as it was released a couple of months ago.

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    Re: modern distro with gnome2?

    Quote Originally Posted by conradin View Post
    I'll check it out.
    Ive been using the latest fuduntu, an I really like the look, but the packages are dated mostly around Fedora Core 14. Fuduntu isnt supporting gtk3, and ive found the a frustrating lack of packages, or modern package support.
    But the look, modern kernel, and libc6 >=2.15, have made some features work very well. I wish they were at FC18 for the packages tough.
    Are you sure about that?

    [andrew@builder RPMS]$ ls | grep fc14 | wc -l
    [andrew@builder RPMS]$ ls | grep fu201[23] | wc -l

    There aren't very many FC14 packages remaining in use today, but there definitely are some. We are at or past Fedora 18 for a very large number of packages. We aren't compatible with FC18 mostly because of systemd.
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    For a classic desktop with the latest apps, get Fuduntu!

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