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Thread: Deleted everything in /etc/fstab , help?

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    Question Deleted everything in /etc/fstab , help?


    I did something very stupid as I know very little about Ubuntu. I tried to add a rule to /etc/fstab but ended up deleting everything (and I think I saved it to). Now, when I go back and check the file I see that it's empty. I still didn't reboot, I am typing this thread from my system at this very moment. Can someone tell me how to undo the changes I made, or does someone know about a way of changing the file back? I still didn't reboot, so I think that there has to be a way of reading all my mounted partitions and add them to fstab, or am I wrong?

    Can someone please reply? Thank you in advance.

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    Re: Deleted everything in /etc/fstab , help?

    I know you are concerned, but cross-posting in different parts of the forum is against the forum rules because it dilutes community effort. Fortunately you have an excellent response from forum member Cheesemill in your other thread here:

    Provide the information Cheesemill requests and you will get the help you need.

    This thread closed.
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